How To Have Endless Hot Water Without Electricity

When an emergency strikes how can you ensure that you have an endless supply of hot water even when there is no electricity? Endless hot water without electricity is no longer a dream! Off Grid Hot Water Heaters are possible. Here are a few great techniques for creating endless hot water without electricity. #SHTFSURVIVALGUIDE #SHTF #OFFGRID


30 Fruits and Vegetables That Grow In Containers

30 Fruits and Vegetables That Grow In Great in Containers. Not everyone has the yard space to grow a large garden, but that does not mean that you should not be able to grow your own food and provide for yourself. Here are 30 fruits and vegetables that grow in containers. #SHTFSURVIVALGUIDE #gardening #SHTF


90% of People Won’t Survive 6 Months Without Power

Can You Survive Without Power? Here’s the REAL reasons why 90% of the population wouldn’t survive 6 months without power.If a solar event like that of 1859 happened today the power grid would be wiped out and people would be left to fend for themselves. An electromagnetic pulse caused naturally or by man would obliterate the power grid for months or even years.#SHFTSURVIVALGUIDE #EMP


25 Prepping Tips For Beginners From The Experts

25 Prepping Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started. I reached out to the prepping community and ask them for their best prepping advice for beginner survivalists. There a lot of common points about what they wish someone would have told them when they started on this journey. #SHTFSURVIVALGUIDE #prepper


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