As a prepper we are trying to readily ourselves for the collapse of society and ensure our families survival in hostile times. We readily prepare ourselves to defend our property from town riots, upheaval, and crime, but what happens when we can’t buy flour anymore?


Whats coming more imminently than nuclear attack is long term economic collapse that will last for years.

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The apocalypse has already started in South American countries so why are we not learning from their first hand experiences.

Abrupt Collapse

Nuclear attack, EMP, widespread power outage. These are the abrupt attacks that we traditionally prepare for.

Gradual Collapse

Economic downturn, drought, famine, disease. These are situations much more likely to happen in our lifetime and we fail to prepare for them.

The Canadian Prepper has some great valuable advice on how we should really be prepping.

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You can read the original article in about experiences surviving what happened in Venezuela here.

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